Operational risks in the energy industry

Edipower adopts a modern risk and operational processes control system

Edipower felt the urge to introduce a processes and risks integrated management system in order to forecast critical scenarios through the risk indicator analysis.

The project has been developed starting from an analysis activity and organizational procedures mapping, followed by the definition of the model concerning the audit activity management and key risk indicator monitoring. The project has been developed with the following organizational areas: organization and Internal Audit.

Edipower is one of the biggest Italian producer of electric energy: it possesses 7 production plants (5 thermoelectric plants and 2 hydroelectric core) and bring to the nation 3.3% of the total energetic need, equivalent to around 3,3% 11 TWh. 

The company was born in 2002 after the Decreto Bersani, December 2015 it has been acquired by A2A.