New management, new control system

The receiver chooses IMC

Being received at the end of 2014, the receiver duties consist into the Bank restructuring by overhauling and redesigning the entire control system and organizational chart. IMC has been chosen as the ideal partner to reach this objective.

The project activities concerned the design of the new organizational chart, the survey of the operational modal, the design of the integrated controls system (Internal Audit, Compliance e Operational Risk) adopting the ARIS platform and activing the management workflows.

Established in Chieti as Cari Chieti in 1862, it is one of the first savings and credit institutes in the South of Italy. 

In 2014 it has been put under the administration of an external commissioner by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. In the next year, Cari Chieti has been liquidated and the Nuova Cari Chieti was born. It has 65 branches and 600 employees.