Integrated Risk Management in the banking industry

In order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Internal Control System, Sparkasse reviewed the integrated risk management methodology, across the company control functions, and adopted an IT solution to support the activities related to risks and controls (auditing, assessment, accounting, collection and reporting).

The project allowed the adoption of a risk management common approach across the Control Functions and improved the corrective actions management.
Both the Control Functions and Integrated reporting enhanced the communication across the Control Functions, the Board and the Supervisory Body.

Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano is one of the most important independent saving banks in Italy. Since 1992, the Bank has been a public limited company with more than 26.000 shareholders, whose shares form the main equity.

The Bank counts a bit more than 100 branches concentrated in the North-East of Italy.


  • A unique risks and controls portfolio (FAC)
  • Workflow for planning and execution of audits and follow-ups (Audit)
  • Interface vs existing platform of LDC and SRA (Risk Management)
  • Workflow for management of checks and follow-ups of the second level controls (Risk Management)
  • Automatic update of Legal Inventory provided by Matrico and ABIX (Compliance)
  • Workflow for planning and execution of audits and follow-ups (Compliance)
  • Workflow for management of legal advice (Compliance)
  • IT Resources Portfolio (IT)
  • Workflow for assessment of IT Resources and IT Risk (IT)
  • Workflow for management of corrective actions (FAC)
  • Specific Control Functions reporting, integrated reporting and Tableau de Bord (FAC)

IT solution

Business Units involved​​

Internal Audit

Risk Management



Information Technology