Second level credit controls

Gruppo Banco Desio has been using the integrated ARCM platform to manage processes, risks and controls for auditing, compliance, risk management, anti-money laundering and “Dirigente Preposto”. 

With a view to enhancing the integration of the Control Functions processes, Gruppo Banco Desio has also adopted the module of second level credit controls in order to create the repository of the check evidences for each investigated credit exposures and to improve the workflows of Control Credits Function introducing an assignments scheduling system.

Banco di Desio e della Brianza is an Italian bank with its headquarter placed in Desio (MB). Its branches are situated in Lombardy and its subsidiaries can be found in Tuscany, Lazio and Veneto.

In 2014, being acquired by Banca Popolare di Spoleto, The Banco Desio Group possesses a network of around 280 branches in 10 regions in Central and Nothern Italy.


  • Portfolio of sample second level controls
  • Portfolio of massive second level controls
  • Checklist Template of sample and massive controls
  • Repository of check evidences of investigated credit exposures
  • Data updating of investigated credit exposures
  • Workflow for planning and executing controls assessments
  • Repository of controls assessments and check evidences
  • Reporting and monitoring dashboards

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Credit Risk Moitoring

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