Integrated Reporting within GRC platform

After adopting the GRC platform for a more efficient and effective Internal Control System, Sparkasse has decided to activate the “Online document” module, which is entirely integrated with the ARCM functions in order to meet the advance reporting needs of the Control Function operating the system.

Thanks to the above mentioned module the various Control Functions automatically generate reports, be them a summary or analytical, showing evidences and data of the specific activities performed by each user within the platform, optimizing the reporting process requested by the Internal Supervisory Body and Bank of Italy.

Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano is one of the most important independent saving banks in Italy. Since 1992, the Bank has been a public limited company with more than 26.000 shareholders, whose shares form the main equity.

The Bank counts a bit more than 100 branches concentrated in the North-East of Italy.


  • Autonomy in creating reporting templates
  • Portfolio of Control Function templates
  • Automatic reporting generation using data registered in the system
  • Workflow for revising and approving all generated reports
  • Documental repository
  • Reports Storage and versioning

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Business Units involved​​

Internal Audit

Risk Management



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