Silver Partner

IMC-Group is Silver Partner for the 2019/2020 competitive season of the Consorzio Vero Volley in Monza

Welfare Index PMI 2019

Imc-Group achieved the Welfare Promoter classification.

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This time we are the players!​

IMC-Group set up its team and took part in the first edition of the Vero Volleyball Sponsor Cup

Always supporting teamwork

Saugella Monza team, sponsored by IMC-Group, won the 15th Italian Super Cup of the Lega Volley Summer Tour

Innovation and growth even through sport

IMC-Group gets on track for the 2019 edition Formula X Italian Series

Internal Audit & GRC 2018

IMC-Group contributed with a presentation entitled "The sustainability of business models through an Integrated Governance System"

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Software AG
User Group 2018

IMC-Group contributed with a presentation entitled "From the internal control system to Integrated Governance"

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Consulting services

Business Process Management

Connecting managerial techniques, professional methodologies and software leader tools IMC builds Business Process Management consultancy tools that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of companies.

Risk & Compliance Management

IMC offers Risk and Compliance Management consultancy that connects models of advanced management, focused educational path and computer tools apt to understand the specific “Risk Appetite” of the company.

IT Governance

IMC offers consultancy for the management and governance of the IT resources of a company and supports them in the harmonization of the IT strategy inside the strategy of the business, aligning it with the mission and vision.

Performance Improvement Management

IMC is able to support your company in the Performance Improvement Management processes, helping you to implement the strategic dimension into a solid operational plan, through the strategic objectives development and the individuation of adequate monitoring and performances enhancement model.

Human Resource Management

IMC provides its knowledge on HR integrated management processes and systems, Models, methodologies and decisional rules supported by algorithms are fundamental support tools for Top Management in order to implement strategic solutions in a dynamic context.

About us

The economic context, characterized by a strong instability and uncertainty on the future, dictates to businesses to learn to answer in a fast and adequate way to the new market arrangement. This kind of answer can only arrive if the entire company is able to move in an harmonic and flexible way, through the corporate guidelines that are elaborated and if partner are able to offer solutions apt to improve the efficiency and effectiveness.

As a consequence of this in 2012 IMG Group is born with the aim of help companies to improve their performances through solutions that, starting from the need's analysis, cover the entire plan realization in the fast times required by the economic condition.

IMG Group is made by professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the sector that love to help business to reach a future of success.

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