22 October 2017

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

The HR function must gear itself with methods and instrument in order to help the company to reach its own strategic objectives. Resources, competencies, sceneries and measurements are the pillars on which tactical chooses must be carried out.

IMC provides its knowledge on HR integrated management processes and systems. Models, methodologies and decisional rules supported by algorithms are fundamental support tools for Top Management in order to implement strategic solutions in a dynamic context.

Our teams are able to support the organizations in all the aspect of Human Resource Management

Skills mapping

Gap analysis to assess differences between needed profiles and real competencies

Power and Delegation Models definition and implementation

Careers Management Models definition and implementation

Organizational Models definition, Organizational Structures benchmark and dimensioning

HR Processes and Procedures revision design

Organizational design supporting Change Management in pursuit of innovation

Performance analysis Models and Monitoring Dashboard (Scorecard, Metrics and HRIS) definition and realization

Restructuring and Rightsizing scenario analysis

Training for users involved in organizational Change Management process