22 October 2017

Performance Improvement Management

Performance Improvement Management

Innovating the strategy to face the ever-changing markets with new and winning ideas, governing and monitoring the oparational performance in a coherent way with respect to strategic objectives and aligning both the organization and the managers’ commitment to the top defined strategy are three challenges that modern companies need to learn how to tackle.

IMC is able to support your company in the Performance Improvement Management processes, helping you to implement the strategic dimension into a solid operational plan, through the strategic objectives development and the individuation of adequate monitoring and performances enhancement model.

The IMC Method

IMC operates on the basis of a consolidated methodological framework

Organizational model definition, Organizational Structures dimensioning and benchmarking

Lean approach for TO BE Processes mapping and design and procedures revision

Business and operational scenario analysis

Performance Analysis Models and Monitoring Dashboards definition and realization

Organizational change management support

Training for users involved in the Organizational changing