Control Communication Manager

Communication Management

Control Communication Manager (CCM)

Communicate and share information and guidelines inside big and complex organization can turn out to be an oppressive and not always effective activity.

Control Communication Manager (CCM) is a platform developed by IMC, with the necessary features to manage in an efficient and effective way the communications between the diverse corporate actors.

The solution permits to


Start communication’s session


Send informative content


Monitor the phases of successful delivery, signed for acknowledgement and reception


Manage the reminder process


File the corporate communication chronology

Control Communication Manager is ideal for all the companies that need to transmit information towards their employees and have the proof of reception and acknowledgement of the documents, such as:

Risks / violation (D. Lgs. 231/01)

Mitigation procedures

Process regulations

Organizational Handbook

Policy and regulations

Success stories

Improve the internal communication and compliance

Banco di Desio e della Brianza improves the internal communication and the law compliances through the adoption of the IMC platform Control Communication Manager.