Integrated solution

Process, Risk & Compliance Manager

Integrated Solution

In a context every day more and more complex for an insurance and banking company it has become a key factor, in the process of reaching success, the ability to manage risks, compliances and internal audit in a streamlined and immediate way.

IMC realized an Aris platform (software AG) verticalization for the Banking and Insurance sector. This is the ideal solution for all the companies that want to document, analyze and standardize their processes and guarantee a full risk control and an adequate compliance.



It guarantees the complete mapping of operational processes permits to define and share the processes innovation, supports the implementation of performance control and risk monitoring tools.



It supports the definition of the company’s Legal Inventory, eases the valuation and reporting of non-conformity risks, starts the “normative alert” process and manages the corrective actions guaranteeing the involvement of all the interested functions.


Operational Risk

It manages the process of identification, collection, evaluation, control and internal sharing of operational risks. It allows the building of a “Tableau de Board” integrated through the consolidation of the functions one.


Internal Audit

It designs, plans, performs checks and allows to monitor the adequacy of the internal control system.

Success stories

Integrated Reporting within GRC platform

Sparkasse has decided to activate the “Online document” module, which is entirely integrated with the ARCM functions.

Second level credit controls

Gruppo Banco Desio has also adopted the module of second level credit controls.

Integrated Risk Management in the banking industry

Sparkasse reviewed the integrated risk management methodology and adopted an IT solution to support the activities related to risks and controls.

The framework for Risk Management and Internal Audit

Banca Popolare di Bari strengthens its internal control system adopting the IMC Risk Management framework.

Risk Management, Compliance and Internal Audit: three objectives achieved with only one solution!

Banco di Desio e della Brianza adopts the IMC framework for Risk Management and Internal Audit.

Operational risks in the energy industry

Improved processes control and operational risks containment: Edipower chooses IMC.

A ProcessBook to share business process and organization

Reale Mutua Assicurazioni improves the knowledge of its internal business processes and organization structure.

New management, new control system

After the 2014 receivership, the Receiver chooses IMC to redesign the control systems and bring new life to Banca Cari Chieti.