Decision-making Solution


MeetingLean is ideal for the support of idea-generation processes (brainstorming) and for sharing them (sharing ideas) inside the innovation groups, R&D departments and corporate top management.

The web-based MeetingLean platform is an innovative tool to support internal workgroups aimed to meeting management in order to reach a shared “solution” in a fast way.

MeetingLean has been developed starting from a well identified methodological approach that guarantees effectiveness (interpreted as the reaching of a specific objective) and efficiency (interpreted as the optimization of resource allocation) in the corporate decision making process.

The phases of a successful decision making process


Objective identification


Ideas collection, feedbacks and suggestions coming from the actors involved


Alternative and emerged solutions evaluation


Final decision and choice sharing through reporting instruments


Web-Based and user-friendly

The choices reached are defined and widely accepted

Fast and efficient

Possibility to guarantee the answers anonymity in order to destroy the barriers and relational bias

Able to engage roles and different individualities

Can be used by companies in every sector and to resolve every kind of decisional problem