3 November 2017

Risk & Compliance Management

Risk & Compliance Management

To have an effective and efficient “Internal Controls System” has become an obligation toward Supervisory Bodies and a need towards the Market.

If a company is not able to manage risk, any kind of risk, this means, most of the times, to welcome the possibility of a default scenario.

IMC offers Risk and Compliance Management consulting that integrates advanced management models, specific focused educational path and IT tools able to recognize the specific “Risk Appetite” of a company. 

IMC approach combines the need of a robust and articulated internal control system implementation with the diffusion of a new risk management culture at the different organizational levels where it arises.

The pillars of our approach

Organizational and Internal Controls management Models definition

Risk Portfolio identification, representation and management

Legal Inventory identification, representation and management

Identification and management of risks and controls’ impact on corporate processes

“Control Risk Self-Assessment” Model definition

Second and Third level Control Management Workflows’ definition

Definition and Implementation of Loss-data collection Models

Definition and Implementation of Integrated Reporting

Definition and Implementation of Management Models for specific Regulations (Italian Law 262/05, D.Lgs 231, Sarbanes Oxley Act, etc.)

Specific educational path for professional figures involved in Risk Management, Compliance Management and Internal Audit